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Siler Home Improvement is our newest member. Brian Siler, President and Founder of Siler Home Improvement received a Degree in Electrical Engineering and has over 15 years of experience in the home improvement industry.
As a family-run business, they serve the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas with a customer base that is mainly built by referral. Their reputation for customer satisfaction gives them confidence that the customer will be impressed with the results of their project. Their business depends on customer referrals. Please be sure to welcome Brian Siler and his team the next time the opportunity arises.


CASINO NIGHT with Ferguson 

September 28, 2010

On Tuesday, September 28, 2010, Ferguson will host a Casino Night for Ohio Valley NARI members. This is a great opportunity for you to network with your Cincinnati area colleagues, and a perfect event to bring prospective NARI members to. In addition to live casino games (blackjack, roulette, and craps) with dealers and giveaways, there will be vendor displays. If you've never been to Ferguson, they sell plumbing, lighting, appliances and cabinets - all of which you can check out while there. The goal of the event is mainly to promote NARI membership, so we hope you will bring a friend or colleague. 
WHAT: Ferguson Casino Night
WHERE: Ferguson - 11860 Mosteller Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241
WHEN: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 6 to 10 p.m.
COST: Compliments of Ferguson Enterprises
RSVP: By September 20 - Call Ohio Valley NARI at (800) 498-6274 or


Greater Cincinnati Kitchen & Bath Show

October 8 thru 10, 2010

The Ohio Valley Chapter of NARI is Co-Sponsoring the 15th annual Greater Cincinnati Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling Show is moving to the Duke Energy Convention Center in Downtown Cincinnati. The additional exhibit space allows for larger displays, a greater number of vendors, and growth for the future.
The Show is focused on exactly what the title suggests...companies that specialize in kitchen and bath cabinetry, flooring, hardware, plumbing, complete renovation, new build, and equally important, general remodeling contractors.
Ohio Valley NARI will be providing educational programs and association information throughout the duration of the program. We will be located in the Northeast corner of the Exhibit Arena and our Program will be scheduled soon. Please visit www.hartproductions.com for registration information.


Save the Date October 14, 2010
Ohio Valley NARI Feature Vendor Night

October 14, 2010 will be the date for Ohio Valley NARI's Feature Vendor Night! Meet vendors of building supplies and services. Enjoy a Deli Buffet Dinner, Free Beer and Sodas, Cookies and Door Prizes. The cost is just $25.00 for NARI members and you can bring your whole crew! That's right, one cost of $25.00 and your entire crew can attend! The event will begin at 6:30pm. and should "wrap-up" around 9:00pm. The event is at the Marriott North at Union Centre, located halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton in West Chester, just off I-75.

RSVP today by calling 1-800-498-6274. Please visit
www.naricincinnati.org for registration and Exhibitor registration.


The CotY's are coming The CotY's are coming!


It's that time again. Ohio Valley NARI and NARI National are launching the CotY Awards campaigns for 2011. Plan your projects and join the race!
Awards Information
All winners will receive a plaque with a framed photo of their winning entry.
A Great Way to Enhance Your Image
Contractors in the Ohio Valley Chapter of NARI are invited to compete for the prestigious Local Contractor of the Year Awards (CotY) in recognition of their recently completed projects.  Companies report that winning this award is a major factor in enhancing their image within the industry as well as with the buying public.  Winners are selected by an impartial panel of judges comprised of experts from within the industry and associated fields.  Publicity material about the winners will be distributed to the local media.
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Bureau of Workers' Compensation Certified Sponsorship

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) mandatory Certified Sponsor Meetings took place in recent weeks.  Based on the requirements that were identified by the BWC at the meetings, Frank Gates/Avizent has developed a plan to fulfill the requirements. 
The SH-2 (Division of Safety & Hygiene Group Experience and Group Retrospective Rating Safety Requirements Annual Report), the Group Rating Accountability Letter and a Frank Gates/Avizent Certified Sponsor SH-2 Instructions document can be reviewed here.  The Certified Sponsor SH-2 Instructions outline their plan to jointly fulfill the BWC requirements and promote Safety to our members.
When adding the Group Rating Accountability Letter to your website, please be sure to add Ohio Valley NARI or other contact information at the bottom of the letter.
Avizent Account Executives will be contacting participants to schedule a meeting to discuss the safety requirements in more detail.  The BWC has indicated that they are planning on moving the SH-2 due date to May of 2011 for Private Employer Sponsors and November of 2011 for Public Employer Sponsors. 


Why Direct Mail Might not be Right for Your Business

By Morgan Zenner

Direct marketing has been around for a while, and many advertisers find it to be successful for them. But does that mean it will automatically work for your business?
Have you been spending a lot of money on direct marketing, but finding little return?
Neil Parson, president of Design, Build Profit, a marketing consultancy specializing in the remodeling industry, says this is how he starts off every marketing conversation with his clients: Don't do anything [marketing-wise] that requires a stamp unless it's a past or current client.
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EPA Penalty Guidelines for RRP Ruling

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued a new document to adequately address enforcement and penalty guidelines for the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) ruling.

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Aligning Yourself with Industry Personalities Boosts Credibility

By Morgan Zenner

Many homeowners look to popular TV personalities for advice on their homes. Bob Villa, Ty Pennington, Tom Silva-these are just a few examples of popular TV stars with building shows. Though these stars put remodeling on the map, they also tend to shape client's inspirations and expectations.
Wendy Franz, CR, and Randy Franz, CR, CKBR, owners of R&W Construction Custom Home Remodeling in Cary, Ill., have found success aligning themselves with architect Sarah Susanka, developer of the Not So BigŪ House concept. In fact, they're so happy with the results, they are using the concept to brand their company, boosting their expert credibility with clients.
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Promote Safety on the Job Site

Each week, lead carpenters at Almar Building and Remodeling Company in Hanover, Massachusetts, conduct safety-oriented "Tool Box" talks on their job sites. Given their myriad of duties and busy schedules, the leads don't have time to develop the talks themselves. Thanks to SafetyBob.com they can tap into a source of ready-made presentations and topics for their crews. The website even provides pointers on who should give the talks and how they should be presented.


SafetyBob is the brainchild of Bob Synnett, president and founder of Safety Management Consultants, Inc. The company develops and manages fee-based safety and accident-prevention programs for companies and organizations. The Tool Box talk series is offered free of charge.


Allison Guido, a partner and general manager of Almar, learned about SafetyBob.com  and Tool Box talks from her insurance agent. The company started doing monthly Tool Box talks and then switched to the weekly schedule as it grew.  "Every time we do a safety talk and reiterate the value and importance of working safely and efficiently on the job site, it helps reinforce for our employees that we value them and their safety," says Guido. "The talks also remind them that we want everything they do to be done right the first time."

Almar augments the weekly safety talks by doing an annual presentation for the entire company, inviting their insurance agent to participate in the presentation, and having its employees sign a commitment to maintaining safety on the job site.


If you'd like to stress safety with your employees, "Just start talking to your crews about safety and reminding them about all the little things that help keep them safe; from a clean job site (which should be a must to keep your clients happy) to maintaining the tools, to just being aware of what's around you," Guido suggests. "It's amazing how much more awareness your crew can have just by telling them to be safe and pointing out small things on the job site that can be improved. Always reinforce good behavior by thanking your employees. Safety can definitely be improved from the top down. If the owner shows that they care, the field staff will copy that behavior."



September 15, 2010




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