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Another Ohio Valley NARI Success!


Congratulations to all who participated in the Greater Cincinnati Kitchen, Bath and Remodeling Show held October 8-10 at the Duke Energy Center downtown. We have received many positive reports and feedback from attendees as well as other vendors of the show.


For those of you who could not participate, Ohio Valley NARI co-sponsored the trade show and provided the entire educational venue for the attendees. We were able to let the public witness firsthand the dedication our members have to the professionalism of our trade.



Ohio Valley NARI Feature Vendor Night was a Hit!


Our annual Feature Vendor Night was held this past October 14th and was a full house. We had 20 vendors attend displaying their products and services as well as over 40 other members and guests throughout the evening. What better way to support NARI and mingle with potential suppliers and clients than to participate in this coveted event.


Keep an eye on our website (www.naricicinnati.org) for more upcoming Ohio Valley NARI gatherings!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Supplier Showcase - Viewings


Viewings would like to invite you to discover a world of conveniences that our clients enjoy.  With expertise in anything that plugs in, Viewings offers services in many of the fields that professional remodelers' are looking for.  Viewings has the know-how to work with existing equipment or wire an entire house so that systems become an integrated and seamless part of the overall home design.


The program will be held in the beautiful Green Diamond Gallery, also located in Montgomery.  At the gallery, attendees will experience one of the largest privately-owned collections of baseball memorabilia in the United States. Your friends at Viewings are providing food; drink and a GREAT raffle (it's a secret)! Participants are sure to enjoy a night for education that will further distinguish NARI as the premiere association of remodeling experts.


RSVP today by calling 1-800-498-6274. Please click here for registration and Exhibitor registration or visit www.naricincinnati.org


Save the Date: Thursday, December 9, 2010

Evening of Excellence@ the Newport Syndicate

Ohio Valley NARI will be hosting our Annual Evening of Excellence at the Newport Syndicate located at 18 E. 5th Main Street, Newport, KY. Come join us as we recognize our local CotY recipients as well as swearing in the new Board of Directors. The cost for this year's event is $60.00 per person for all pre-registrants and $70.00 per person at the door.


Please call 1.800.498.NARI to register today!


Submit Your CotY Entries Today!

November 1st is the deadline for CotY entry submissions, don't be left out.

  • Winning a local CotY Award gives you great reason to reach out to your local media and remind them of your superiority in the marketplace.
  • Remind your current and past clients how good you are at your profession by notifying them of your award. Include award information in your sales calls to increase credibility with prospective clients, and feature photos of your winning project at local home shows.
  • Winning a CotY Award or a NARI Achievement Award gives everyone in your company a sense of pride in what they helped accomplish.

Click here for information and an entry packet.


Application Turns Online Contest into Information-Gathering Tool

By Morgan Zenner

Hosting an online contest or sweepstakes is a great way to bring attention to your brand and boost new prospect leads. However, the task of organizing contest details combined with weeks, if not months, of constant attention necessary to make your promotion successful can be daunting.


There may be easier ways to go about the online campaign these days, thanks to new applications. These applications are designed to be user-friendly and convenient for business owners to get the most out of their online marketing efforts.


Please click here for entire article.


Assessment Tool Displays Commitment to Customized Design

By Morgan Zenner


Some people love to cook, and some people prefer to go out. Some people cook with the grill throughout the winter, others use the microwave every night. Mary Kathryn Reese, vice president of Kitchen Design Concepts in Carrollton, Texas, has learned that there is not one kind of kitchen that is suitable for each kind of cook.

Using her background in consultancy and her semi-professional culinary skills, Reese developed a "Lifestyle Assessment" questionnaire that focuses on client's needs and wants based their unique lifestyles.

"The Lifestyle Assessment helps people think about how they live and how they use their space," Reese says. "Even though homeowners think they know what they want, after a few questions, they start to change their perspectives." She adds that it also helped to standardize the consultation process from client to client.

Please click here for entire article.


Traffic Jam May Cost Bridge Painter $24,000


A Missouri painting contractor on an interstate bridge recoating project faces a $24,000 state fine after an equipment breakdown delayed reopening of the highway in time for the Monday morning rush hour.


Thomas Industrial Coatings, of Pevely, MO, was abrasive-blast cleaning bridge supports along a section of Interstate 64 in St. Louis on Sunday night (Oct. 17) when a "big vacuum system" being used for lead-paint clean-up broke down about midnight, Missouri Department of Transportation officials said.

The malfunction forced the contractor to "do a lot of cleanup manually that they weren't planning to do," said Tom Blair, MO DOT assistant district engineer.


Please click here for entire article.


'Buy American' Stimulus Rule


Subcontractors on new construction contracts funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be required to use only U.S.-made steel, iron and other construction materials as of Oct. 1.

The "
Buy American" provision of the Recovery Act, published Aug. 30 in the Federal Register, revises an interim rule published in 2009.

The new rule requires that contractors use only iron, steel and "manufactured goods used as construction material" that are produced or manufactured in the United States.

"Construction material" maintains the current government definition (FAR 25.003) of "an article, material, or supply brought to the construction site by the contractor or subcontractor for incorporation into the building or work."

Federal contracting officers may waive the requirements when American-made materials are not available in sufficient quantity and quality, or when materials are unreasonably expensive.

Trade Agreement Compliance

The rule "makes it clear that there will be full compliance with U.S. obligations under all international trade agreements when undertaking construction covered by such agreements with Recovery Act funds."

The requirements "implement U.S. obligations under our trade agreements in the same way as they are currently implemented in non-Recovery Act construction contracts," the rule says.

Caribbean Basin countries are excluded from the definition of "Recovery Act-designated country."


Use Your Showroom to Host an Art Show

By Morgan Zenner

The remodeling industry holds many opportunities to capitalize on related industries such as household items, family interests or lifestyle in general. Another words, it's easy to cross-promote a home renovation with a food presentation or a furniture promotion.


Another example of this is with art. Typically, those who are interested in their home are also interested in buying art to fill their home. Loren Schirber, president of Castle Building & Remodeling Inc., took advantage of the artistic community surrounding his downtown St. Paul, Minn., showroom by bringing art into his business.


Please click here for entire article.



October 21, 2010




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