Be recognized for your excellent customer service and participate in NARI’s Achievement in Consumer Excellence (ACE) program! The ACE survey and award program is based on client feedback. All NARI member clients are encouraged to submit feedback. This feedback will be reviewed, recorded and translated to a point system toward earning an ACE Award.

  • Reports need to be submitted directly to NARI by mail or electronically via our website.
  • The ratings would be based on an alpha rating system from A to F. Clients will measure the following:
    • Reliability
    • Professionalism
    • Quality of Work
    • Timeliness/Punctuality
  • Price/fees paid will not be a consideration
  • Work needs to be performed to submit a rating
  • Ratings can be submitted by anyone who had work performed by the member contractor/service provider
  • Random verification will be conducted to verify the authenticity of the ratings
    • If a rating is submitted and deemed to be fraudulent, the submission will be excluded.
    • If a NARI member submits a fraudulent rating in an effort to receive an award, their NARI membership will be terminated.
  • Awards will be based on receiving a minimum of 5 survey submissions which maintain at least a 3.50 average out of a possible 4.0.
    • For example: If 5 surveys are submitted, a member could receive 10 A’s and 10 B’s and still maintain a 3.50 average and be eligible for an award.
    • A C would receive 2 points
    • A D would receive 1 point
    • And an F would receive zero points.
  • Proof of insurance or bonding will not be monitored or implied by participation in NARI
  • A company can receive one (1) award per program year
  • Awards will not be broken down by size of company; the criteria is the same for all size companies
  • There will not be a formal appeal process for a below average rating and the individual ratings will not be excluded from the calculation unless it can be proven that it was a fraudulent submission by a competitor or by a client where work was not performed
  • Awards will be presented in conjunction with NARI’s annual recognition event
  • Program rules and guidelines will be reviewed and amended as needed
  • Corporate sponsorships of the ACE Awards program are available

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